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Mid Michigan Biomedical Inc

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Consulting Services

Equipment Management

  • Inventory Control
  • Appraisals

Expert Witness

  • Federal Court Case Experience
  • Case Management
  • Medical Equipment Litigation
  • Insurance Claims

Equipment Disposal
Storm Damage Evaluation

  • Water/Wind Impact
  • Falling Debris

Electrical Safety

  • Diagnostic Ultrasound
  • Therapeutic Ultrasound

Documentation and Inventory Reporting
Insurance Claim Management

  • Insurance Claim Supporting Documentation

Damage Inspection

  • Electrical Restoration/Smoke Damage
Please note there will be a $10 charge per day for equipment stored at Mid Michigan Biomedical

AAMI Certified-American Association of Medical Instrumentation

Experienced Leadership

Our operational leaders have been involved with the administrative functions pertaining to this industry for the past twenty years.

The combination of real operational experience and willingness to evolve with the most advanced technologies is what makes our corporation so effective in developing and implementing viable, long-term equipment management solutions.

Certified Biomedical Technicians

Our technicians undergo continuous training and understand the importance of minimizing delays and reducing equipment downtime.

We believe that a hospital can only operate as effectively as its support services. That’s why we ensure that every biomed department under our care, functions as efficiently and productively as possible.