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Mid Michigan Biomedical Inc

Are you in need of quality care for your biomedical equipment? Contact Mid-Michigan Biomedical Inc We are never afraid to get our hands dirty. We can repair anything, from the smallest of fixes all the way up through major overhauls, if necessary.

Mid-Michigan Biomedical Inc has been providing medical equipment maintenance and support services for over 20 years. Our expertise and experience in the field has helped us serve our clients beyond their expectations. All our services are insured, and as an AAMI Certified (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation) biomedical technicians, we guarantee high-quality results. We also buy and sell new and used equipment, catering to the biomedical industry.

What I Can Help You With



Compliance Reports

Demand Service

Equipment Acquisition/ Disposal

Purchase & Sale of new and used equipment

Environmental Testing

Transport and Delivery Management


CO2 Incubators

Weights and Measures

General Biomedical Equipment Calibrations

Consulting Services

Pharmaceutical Refrigerators

- 80 Freezers

Inventory Management

Environmental Chamber Certification Repair and Testing

Our Brand Expertise

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(800) 399-5544


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Mid Michigan Biomedical Inc
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